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Q2 Packaging Data for UK released by EA

27th July 2012

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The Environment Agency have published latest packaging waste processing and export data which suggests difficult times are ahead for both plastic and glass.

The release of the Q1 data and fall of plastic and glass led to big concerns in the industry and an almost immediate rise in PRN prices, with hope being that Q2 would see a big turnaround and a dramatic increase in tonnages being recycled – unfortunately this has not been the case.

Glass has presented the biggest blow in the latest Q2 data. In 2011 the average tonnage recycled per quarter was 438k and so in 2012 the Q1 and Q2 figures of 379k and an even lower 349k are alarming.

Plastic has made a slight recovery from 121k in Q1 to 135k in Q2 this new requires a 161 average in Q3 and Q4.

The latest Q2 figures will undoubtedly affect PRN prices and it is likely that we will see a sharp rise in the coming months.