Q2 Packaging Recycling Data Verified

17th August 2016

Ash Clay

The verified recycling data for quarter 2 has been released by the Environment Agency and it shows promising results for most materials at the half way stage.


Recycling data has been released by the Environment Agency for Quarter 2 and after a strong Q1, Q2 appears to have followed a similar trend. Comply Direct's data analysts have reviewed the released data and have concluded the following results:


  • UK Target Obligation Data has increased from the initial registration in April, up to the 10th August 2016. This is due to some companies completing their registrations late, or because new companies have also signed up later in the year who weren't previously compliant with the regulations. These targets will most likely continue to increase throughout the year for the same reasons.
  • The published, verified recycling data for Q2 shows a slight increase in all materials compared to the initial release, but nothing which would likely affect the PRN market. There are also still a few re-processors who haven't submitted yet, so this data could change further. However, again it is unlikely that any changes would have a large effect on the PRN market.
  • Glass Other is the only material which is below the 50% target at the end of Q2. Currently, this isn’t too much of a problem, due to strong carry in tonnages from 2015 transitional PRNs. As well as this, in the event that Glass Other failed to meet its target by the end of the compliance year, any shortfall can be met with additional Glass Re-melt PRNs. Currently, it looks as though there is enough surplus in Glass Re-melt PRNs to meet the current shortfall. However, if this situation continues to worsen then the price of both Re-melt and Other PRNs could increase towards the end of the year
  • The overall market situation at the end of Q2 is very good and if the current trends continue, then prices should stay stable towards the end of the year, with much less volatility then we have seen over the last few years.


The table below shows the amount of recycling which needs to be completed in order to meet targets, and how it has increased:




The table below shows how the actual recycling data has changed since it was initially released at the end of July, compared to the verified Q2 data:


The graphs below indicate the Q2 recycling rates with carry in from 2015, and also a comparison graph for material recycling rates in quarter 1 and quarter 2:





If you have any questions with regards to this recycling data or any other packaging enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch with the packaging team on 0844 873 1034 or email packaging@complydirect.com.