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Q2 verified packaging recycling data released

11th August 2017

Ash Clay

The Environment Agency has released the verified recycling data for Q2 2017. Our analysis shows minimal changes to the unverified data which was originally released on the 22 July.

Glass Other has fallen back 1% from the original release and at the halfway point in the year stands at 43% towards the overall UK recycling target, without including carry in figures. Despite being behind the target at this stage, stronger levels of Glass Re-melt including carry in tonnages are helping to make up for the current deficit shown in Glass Other.

The only other significant change in data from the initial release is with Wood. The verified data shows Wood as being an additional 1% towards the total UK target and this now stands at 85% without carry in figures despite us only being half way through the year. When carry in figures are included Wood has almost hit the UK’s overall target already and stands at 95%.



For more information on more materials, please see our analysis on the original Q2 Recycling Data release here.

We are hosting a PRN Market Overview webinar for our members on Thursday 24 August which will cover the Environment Agency’s release of recycling data in greater detail and discuss potential impacts on the PRN market for Q3. If you are yet to receive an invite and would like to attend or if you have any questions about the data, please don't hesitate to contact your packaging account manager, email packaging@complydirect.com or call 01756 794 951.