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Q4 verified packaging recycling data released

3rd April 2018

Ash Clay

The Environment Agency has released the verified recycling data for Q4 2017. Recycling levels have remained largely unchanged from the unverified data which was originally released on 6 March.

Please see final Q4 recycling rates with and without carry in below:


Please note: 

UK Recycling total = Recycling performance of all materials

UK Recycling + total Recovery = Recycling performance of all materials and energy from waste (recovery) PRNs

The verified data released on 31 March remains largely the same as the unverified data published on 6 March (please see our analysis on this here)

Encouragingly, Plastic looks slightly more positive than expected in the current climate of exporting issues. However as discussed in our article regarding the unverified data, we will still be keeping a close eye on Wood, Paper and Glass throughout the year.  

We are confident in our buying strategy and supplier relationships and will endeavour to continue attaining the best possible PRN prices for our members.

If you have any questions about the data, please don't hesitate to contact our packaging team at packaging@complydirect.com or call 01756 794 951