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Re-melt target on track for the House of Commons

26th November 2012

Glass bottles

Changes to the Packaging Waste regulations have passed through the House of Lords prior to being scrutinised in the House of Commons.

If the changes are approved, the regulations will affect existing rules and establish set targets up to 2020 for paper, glass, aluminium and steel. A key amendment will be to the glass target which will be split between aggregate and re-melt. The split target will be measured through the packaging recovery note system where by an evidence note is generated for every tonne of waste that is recycled.

Re-melt target calculation

A formula has been established to calculate the amount of glass that must be recycled via re-melt or aggregates.

The draft amendments stipulate;
Where in the preceding year the producer has handled any glass (whether in the form of packaging or packaging materials), the producer shall recycle by re-melt an amount of glass packaging waste calculated as follows:

L x B x W = G

L is the amount of glass handled in Great Britain by the producer in the preceding year (tonnes)
B is the percentage recycling allocation in relation to the class of producer
W is the recycling by re-melt target for the relevant year
G is the tonnage of glass packaging waste to be recycled by re-melt in the relevant year