Staff Health & Wellbeing Programme 'A Better You' Launched

7th December 2017

Melanie Harper

In July 2017, Comply Direct launched its very own bespoke wellbeing programme 'A Better You' for its 17 dedicated staff, with the aim of supporting and improving the overall health and wellbeing and work/life balance of staff.



Comply Direct has an enviable growth record since being established in 2006. We continue to be ambitious and have significant growth plans for the future and we are always seeking ways to look after our employees to ensure their long-term retention. Research was done to understand the benefits of a wellbeing programme which includes enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees, enhanced employee relations and morale and low employee absenteeism. With this in mind, a survey was conducted amongst staff to understand individual needs, interests and motivators before developing the programme and launching 'A Better You'.

'A Better You' covers a vast array of health and wellbeing initiatives with different activities monthly which staff can pick and choose as they wish.

So far, initiatives have included a healthy recipe competition which was won by our MD Gareth Roberts who went on to cook his Cancun chilli chicken recipe for the whole team. Other activities have included 3 mindful yoga sessions, 1-1 diet and nutrition advice and a Super Steps September competition for which a wellbeing prize was awarded to the member of staff with the most steps made in the month. 

Following this, the Comply Direct team enjoyed Options October, which provided different exercise activities and healthy food/snack options in the office each week which staff could choose to partake in. November involved optional weekly PT sessions during the working day, which will be continuing every week going forward, a Pilates session and a healthy baking competition for which the winning member of staff received a wellbeing prize of their choice.

So far, in the last month of 2017, staff have all received a self-care pack; some of the contents included vitamins, hand sanitiser and health information leaflets, focused on helping to keep everyone well in the colder months. 

Comply Direct's HR & Operations Manager Jessica Aldersley who launched and manages 'A Better You' said - 

'In 2016 we conducted a benefits survey with staff and asked a question in relation to their thoughts on a health and wellbeing programme being introduced and with our intention to have a constant healthy, happy, dedicated and motivated team 'A Better you' was born. Mental health and wellbeing support is crucial in this day and age to keep staff motivated and retained. There's so much more planned with 'A Better You' at Comply Direct which will be continuously rolled out every month.'

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