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Sustainability Blog: a focus on Carbon Emissions

2nd February 2017

Liz Watson

Comply Direct's Sustainability Project Leader, Liz Watson, has a focus on Carbon Emissions...

Large corporate buyers are ramping up pressure on supply chains - Is your business ready?

In a report released on 24 January 2017 the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) revealed that global supply chain emissions decreased by 434 million tonnes in 2016. The figures come as large corporate buyers are increasing efforts to reduce supply chain emissions. Pressure on the supply chain will most likely accelerate as more corporates move toward the ISO 14001 (2015) standard which has an increased focus on influence of the supply chain.

What does this mean for my business?

Suppliers should expect increased pressure from their corporate customers to tackle environmental impact, including carbon emissions over the coming months and years.

Calling yourself a green company isn’t enough. Customers and stakeholders are increasingly holding suppliers to account over their carbon emissions. We can support you towards PAS 2060, an internationally recognised carbon neutrality standard.

Accounting for carbon emissions

Carbon foot-printing can be an important ‘first step’ toward reducing the carbon emissions of an organisation. Carbon footprints can be developed for an organisation or product. A well conducted footprint evaluation will help your company better understand the carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere as a result of your operations and can include analysis on: utilities usage, fleet, waste, and much more.

Energy surveys are an excellent means of understanding where you could seek savings on your utility bills. Comply Direct offer a range of energy surveys, including ESOS compliance for those who are obligated under the EU Directive.

Benefits for your business

  • Stay ahead of the curve. Large corporate companies are increasingly looking for carbon reductions within their supply chain.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over companies yet to realise the importance of carbon reductions in the marketplace
  • Reduce operational costs

Steps to calculating your carbon footprint and becoming carbon neutral:

  1. Calculate greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere as a result of the organisations activities (as a minimum this usually includes data on-site fuel and electricity usage and company-owned transport emissions).
  2. Consider including Scope 3 emissions. Some organisations choose to include scope 3 emissions such as waste disposal, employee travel and supply chain emissions.
  3. Offset emissions Comply Direct can source, approved and traceable carbon credits.

Companies leading the way…

Comply Direct are a carbon neutral company our certification to PAS 2060, an internationally recognised standard, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. 
Other companies which use PAS 2060 include: Willmott Dixon and Marks and Spencer.

Carbon Reductions needn’t cost the Earth

Let Comply Direct take the hassle out of getting ready for a lower carbon future… 

Comply Direct carbon footprinting and energy saving services may cost you much less than you think, challenge us to give you a quote, and let us see how much you could save. Get in touch today