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The Body Shop to turn greenhouse gases into plastic packaging

3rd February 2016

Wayne Grant

The Body Shop to turn greenhouse gases into plastic packaging

California based company ‘Newlight’ is the proprietor of AirCarbon- a thermoplastic that behaves the same as normal plastic but uses methane and carbon dioxide as its foundation rather than oil. 

The Body Shop is now the first company to industrialise Air Carbon and bring it into the beauty industry through its developing partnership with Newlight. The main other to use Newlight’s services within its packaging is Dell, and hopefully together The Body Shop and brands such as Dell will begin to pave the way for this new less harmful packaging method to infiltrate into many more industrial packaging production lines. Air Carbon is carried out at a yield over nine times more effective than previous technologies, making it financially and commercially viable for companies such as the Body Shop.

How does Air Carbon work?

Carbon emissions absorbed from farms and landfills are captured into a reactor where fumes are catalysed by enzymes and turned into Newlight’s substance called AirCarbon. Once cooled this can then be sliced into plastic of which can then be heated up and moulded into anything, perfect for branded packaging used industries much like The Body Shop.

Mark Herrema, the chief executive of Newlight has stated; “We are proud to work with The Body Shop to help them replace oil-based plastics with Aircarbon, and use captured carbon as a source of good.”

Like many companies today, as well as many of our member’s here at Comply Direct sustainability is at the top of the agenda. The plastic industry accounts for as much oil as the aviation industry and the industry itself creates more than 600 billion tonnes of carbon emissions a year. The Body Shop’s objective is to reduce its use of oil-based plastic packaging by 2020 and so this partnership with Newlight emphasises The Body Shops efforts to put this into place and make their environmental targets a reality in today’s commercial market through pioneering new product packaging solutions, product designs and product life extension strategies.

“The Body Shop is a company that has pioneered different ways of thinking, a legacy we’re immensely proud of”, said David. “We want to take action to reduce our impact on the planet and radically reinterpret the way we sell and buy cosmetics and how our customers use them.”

Here at Comply Direct we hugely support and applaud companies such as The Body Shop for this new initiative and hope that many follow in their footsteps.

As emphasised by Davis; “We are inviting global experts to support us in achieving this goal, a journey that will ensure 70% of our product packaging does not contain oil-based by 2020.”

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