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the environment agency are making a move

2nd April 2014

The Environment Agency is closing down their website in the coming days and relocating to www.gov.uk/environment-agency. The move is in conjunction with The Red Tape challenge, an initiative which strives to make the ‘burden of regulation’ easier for businesses by cutting regulations such as those surrounding the WEEE Regulations, Packaging Waste Regulations and Waste Batteries Regulations.

Find out more about other changes to environmental regulations here

Easier, faster and clearer The Environment Agency, the non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) with responsibilities regarding the development and protection of the environment in England, is leaving behind the old site and relocating as a stub of the government main site and will adopt a similar look to other agencies and departments, such as Defra.

Over the coming months, hundreds of government websites will make the move ensuring that all relevant departments, agencies and services for businesses that have to comply with certain stylistic regulations and be located in the same place, making it easier, faster and clearer to access government information.

The main search function on the GOV.UK website is proposed to be the easiest way for businesses to find relevant environmental information. The website allows government agencies and departments to share content in the same place, and pages will be grouped together in a way that is relevant, for example bringing together everything businesses need to know about compliance. The change won’t affect businesses The EA have guaranteed that the move will not affect anyone, promising that any favourites, bookmarks and links will be automatically directed to the information they previously did.

The agency also states that existing services and consultations will remain the same; however, some existing content may be revised to fit GOV.UK standards meaning that information is streamlined and easier to understand.

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