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Triman logo FAQs

17th March 2015

Wayne Grant

Since the introduction of the Triman Logo, we've had an influx of questions regarding the regulations, displaying the logo and exemptions. So, to give you a hand, we've put together these Triman logo FAQs to assist with your understanding of the Triman logo and the Regulations behind it.

For more information about Triman, or if any of the Triman logo FAQs below are not clear, please do not hesitate to contact the Packaging team at Comply Direct.

Triman logo FAQs

1) Am I required to implement the Triman Logo? All new products manufactured on or after 1st January 2015 and supplied to the French household market must display Triman signage. Products manufactured before this date can be supplied until stocks are depleted. Target users: (manufacturers, importers, and distributors of products under their own brand) of recyclable products that are separately collected and covered by an EPR chain.

2) Why has the Triman logo been implemented? The Triman logo was implemented to harmonise sorting signage and instructions at a national level, for example when contractual agreements are renewed, to foster national information campaigns and to promote legible information on packaging.

3) What packaging and/or products are required to display the Triman logo? All household packaging aside from glass covered by an extended producer responsibility recovery chain must display the Triman logo. The purposes of the Green dot and Triman logos differ. The Triman logo does not show how packaging is collected for recycling. This is what green dot implies, therefore any packaging that currently displays Green Dot must also display Triman if implementation is required.

4) Do I need to display the Triman logo on textile products? There is no requirement to display the Triman symbol on the garment/textile product itself but it is recommended. However, as long as the symbol appears on the garment's packaging, you will be compliant.

5) OK - so how do I differentiate between the symbol on the packaging which indicates that the packaging itself is recyclable, and the symbol on the packaging that indicates that the garment is recyclable? If you are not placing the logo on the product, the packaging can be used as a means of providing information on the packaging and the product itsself. There are a number of graphical design rules (see question 6) however, you are able to state information (in a text box) about the product on it's packaging. Markings are also allowed in product instruction manuals and in online product specifications/descriptions, so this may also be an option for online sales.

6) How must the logo be displayed? The logo must not be smaller than other logos displayed on packaging. All text must be in French. The logo cannot be modified. Text blocks can be added to allow consumers to understand which packaging is recyclable, or if separate collections are required.

7) Are there any exemptions? Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), batteries and accumulators signage not replaced by Triman, as those symbols are required under EU law. However packaging around those products would require Triman signage

For more information on using and downloading logos, or for any other questions relating to the Triman logo, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Comply Direct Packaging team.