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Using PRN revenue to assist recycling

6th January 2011

steel rods

The recycling performance of steel has been a constant success since the advent of the packaging regulations. Nevertheless, it is important that PRN revenue continues to contribute to improving the collection infrastructure ensuring good quality materials are available to the reprocessors.

TATA STEEL British steel recyclers has input into wider environmental and sustainability campaigns and is involved in a number of national and local initiatives to encourage recycling.

As a producer of steel PRNs they have an obligation to invest the funds generated from their sale into development of the infrastructure to help ensure that targets are met each year.

They have invested in the infrastructure in a number of ways including maintaining recycling in existing steel plants, maintaining educational support through workshops and e-learning, maintaining involvement in community initiatives and supporting an environmental credentials workshop for the metal packaging sector hosted by MPMA (Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association.

Funds have also been invested in a number of new initiatives including 'Every Can Counts' which is a national recycling programme organised by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Alupro, aimed at increasing the collection of metal packaging used away from home.