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Verified 2017 Household WEEE Collection Targets Released

3rd April 2017

Emily Rice

Following on from our recent news article about DEFRA's (Department for Environment and Rural Affairs) proposed household WEEE collection targets for 2017, the official targets have now been released showing little change and similarity to the proposed targets.

The overall UK collections target for 2017 is 622,033 tonnes, lower than the collection level needed to achieve the UK member state target for 2017 of 775,862 tonnes. This difference, however, is expected to be met through 'substantiated estimates', which accounts for WEEE arising and being treated through other sources which do not include via a producer compliance scheme.

The table below shows each 2016 UK targets, 2016 collected Household WEEE, 2017 Proposed UK Targets, 2017 UK Targets with tonnage change from 2016 to 2017;

How these figures are determined

The average annual growth of WEEE collected figures are used to determine the targets, using the average over the last 5 years, however some categories are manually amended this includes Categories 3 (IT & Telecoms Equipment) Category 11 (Display Equipment), Category 13 (Lamps & LED's) and Category 14 (Photovoltaic Panels). These categories are manually amended to take into account wider market issues which impact the target. For example the dual use impact on categories 3 (IT & Telecoms Equipment) and 13 (lamps & LED’s) has been factored in. The changes in the weight of televisions has been factored into setting a target for category 11 (display equipment) and a reduction in solar panel funding for category 14 (PV panels). Some of these points are expanded on below.

The following summary shows analysis of key points into the final figures:

  • Category 1 (Large Household Appliances) 2017 targets have reduced slightly from the proposed targets of 239,878,000 tonnages to 232,811,000 actual target tonnages. However, this category still sees a significant increase in comparison to 2016, which was at 189,322.053 tonnages.
  • The Category 13 (Lamps & LED's) target has increased from the proposed target figures of 6,009 tonnes to 6,132 tonnes, however is still a reduced target compared to 2016. Category 13 (Lamps & LED's) has been majorly effected by 'dual use' changes and has seen an increase in the weight of waste lamps declared as household EEE since 2015. The category 13 target in 2016 appeared to overestimate how much category 13 WEEE would now be declared as household and so this has been reduced slightly.
    • Category 14 (Photovaltaic Panels) has reduced from the target proposals to the verified targets. A big factor of Category 14's reduction in targets compared to 2016 is accounting for the decline in the number of PV panels being installed and the impact this will have on collections.

If you are a household EEE producer and have any questions or concerns over the targets, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the WEEE team at Comply Direct by emailing weee@complydirect.com or call 0844 873 1034.