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Waste batteries regulations: first uk conviction

30th October 2015

Cherry Whittaker

In July this year, Natural Resources Wales secured the first criminal conviction in the UK for a breach of the waste batteries regulations by a producer.

Mangar International Ltd are a multinational company who import and distribute bathing aids and are one of the largest battery producers in Wales, having placed more than 50 tonnes on the market over their period of non-compliance.

Waste Batteries Regulations Non-compliance

The company failed to register with a compliance scheme for four years between 2010 and 2013 and were therefore prosecuted for failing to ensure compliance with the Waste Batteries Regulations 2009.

Mangar International Ltd pleaded guilty on 27 May and were fined £2,650 for each year of non-compliance; making that a total amount of £10,600.

In England and Wales, breaches of producer responsibility rules are usually dealt with through civil sanctions such as enforcement undertakings, however, these are not available under the Waste Batteries Regulations.

It was confirmed by Natural Resources Wales that this is the first successful criminal case under these regulations.

Ensuring compliance

WASTE BATTERIES REGULATIONS: Anyone who sells, imports, manufactures or are the brand name owner of batteries will likely be obligated by the Waste Batteries Regulations. Find out more here.

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