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WEEE Compliance for Household Lighting Sellers

24th July 2018

Cherry Whittaker

The UK *WEEE Regulations are changing following a review by the government and the amends will affect companies selling household lighting from January 2019

The outcome of the consultation on ‘Open Scope’ and review of the WEEE Regulations, launched in October 2017, was published on 18 May 2018. 'Open Scope' proposed to amend the WEEE regulations to keep the current 14 WEEE categories with new flexibility to allocate equipment previously out of scope to one of the 14 categories’ and this has been confirmed so will be implemented in January 2019. You can read our full news story about the consultation response here 

Guidance on EEE products coming into scope will be published by the Environment Agency shortly, however, the products that have been confirmed to definitely be in scope but were not previously, are household luminaires. This includes all lighting suitable for use in a domestic environment, such as fairy lights, Christmas lights, lamps, lanterns, garden lights etc. 

If you place household lighting products on to the UK market for the first time currently or are planning to in the near future, then you will be an obligated WEEE producer from January 2019. Therefore, we'd advise that you start looking into the steps you need to take to ensure compliance now so you have the peace of mind that you will be compliant with the amended regulations from 1 January 2019.

Comply Direct operates as a UK WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme and accommodates producers of all sizes with cost-effective membership fees and recycling fees. Being a member of Comply Direct's WEEE compliance scheme means you have access to a range of benefits which are designed to support your business, including - a dedicated account manager, completion of Environment Agency data submissions, advanced online membership account, we take on your legal obligation, reviews of data collection processes to increase efficiency and much more.

If you are a household lighting retailer/seller and think you will have an obligation from 2019, then please do get in touch with our team of WEEE experts who can confirm this for definite and fully explain the next steps in terms of what you need to do going forward. You can call us on 01756 794 951 or email info@complydirect.com 

*The WEEE Regulations in a nutshell: These Regulations refer to the government’s interpretation of the EU Directive 2012/19/EU. The purpose of the Directive was to set targets for the collection, recovery and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment across Europe and divert volumes of waste electrical equipment from landfill. The legislation places the onus on producers to be responsible for their items when they become waste.