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WRAP recycling 'On-the-Go' guidance

5th November 2012

Recycle on the Go

New guidance has been released by the Waste and Recycling Action Programme to help organisations in England increase their 'on-the-go' recycling.

The guidance document is aimed at a range of public facing organisations from local authorities to shopping facilities and hospitals. The guidance is aimed at supporting organisations to improve 'on-the-go' recycling opportunities and facilities for the public.

The guidance covers a whole host of information about the different types of on-the-go recycling systems available including negotiating contracts for the collection of waste, producing an effective promotional strategy, managing the cost of implementing the scheme and monitoring its performance.

In addition to the guidance is a range of free communication tools including posters and flyers that organisations can use to promote their on-the go recycling schemes in public spaces.

WRAP - On-the-Go Guidance