Extended Packaging Data (EPD)

New and upcoming environmental legislation demands more granular data than ever before, so our EPD offering enables businesses to understand what data they are required to prepare, how to capture it & generate maximum value


Our Extended Packaging Data service supports businesses to understand, capture and analyse data beyond packaging compliance, which is required under new and upcoming environmental legislation such as sustainability reporting, plastic packaging tax and extended producer responsibility...

Extended Packaging Data (EPD) is any material information beyond what is captured for packaging compliance, focusing on detailed construction of individual packaging components. This is a response to increasing incentives for packaging producers to understand and improve sustainability of packaging materials and their resource footprint.

Our Extended Packaging Data service will help you navigate the future of packaging data requirements, prepare for upcoming legislative developments and furnish you with the analytical tools to make informed decisions and generate maximum value from your data.

Our in-house environmental data experts will assure the following deliverables in all bespoke EPD projects:

  • Align complex data formats with regulations impacting your business
  • Capture the data you need to navigate and plan ahead
  • Outsource data capture with our guidance

We also have a bespoke and powerful environmental data management platform, Sustainability Integrated Database (SID), which enables businesses to store, analyse and manage data indpendently. This is an additonal option businesses can take advantage of to support extended packaging data needs. 

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