Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Understand the environmental impacts of your products and packaging from raw material to product use and end of life


Identify, quantify and assess sources of environmental impact throughout your product and/or packaging life cycle to gain in-depth information for informed decision making and assure transparency for your customers...

Powered by world leading visual representation and data inventories, our Life Cycle Assessment identifies, quantifies, and incorporates sources of environmental impact throughout a product and/or packaging life cycle. It examines all the activities involved with making, using, and disposing of the product and/or packaging. Life Cycle Assessment uses your primary data and/or established secondary data to provide the most in depth and comprehensive results to share with your stakeholders.

A Life Cycle Assessment provides the most in depth and comprehensive results to share with your customers ensuring clarity in your environmental claims.

Our sustainability data experts utilise primary data where available, exploiting leading-edge software from Umberto and the ecoinvent database to power our LCA service. Our Life Cycle Assessments are also completed under the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standards.

We will cover the following deliverables in every LCA project: 

  • Determine all the impacts of products and packaging from raw materials to product use and/or end of life
  • Align packaging and product development with sustainability and carbon objectives
  • Apply leading edge methodologies, data, and visual representation
  • Provide and share this transparent carbon impact information in a format ready for customer communications

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