Packaging Sustainability Discovery

Our Discovery Session will enable you to determine the most suitable and effective service to help your business move towards achieving your sustainable packaging goals


Our packaging sustainability Discovery Session service is designed to determine what will be the most effective and tailored support your business requires to successfully work towards achievement of your sustainable packaging goals

We know that packaging design and innovation is a key focus for companies, particularly with the blue planet effect and the media focus on plastics, however, we also understand that many businesses do not know what support they need to achieve maximum benefit and return on investment. So, our Discovery Session is the solution to this quandary! 

Our in-house sustainable packaging experts will deliver the following as part of the Discovery Session:

  • Explore any of your waste, packaging and material challenges and goals
  • Provide expert advice on the latest policy, packaging, carbon impact and recyclability guidance
  • Enable you to understand the impacts of environmental regulations & policy on your business
  • Advise on how to plan ahead to develop goals & strategy
  • Help you to differentiate and accelerate the change required
  • Provide follow-up information based on discussions and establish the most effective Comply Direct support service specific to your business, in order to work efficiently towards your specific packaging objectives

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