Plastic Tax Data Management

We provide a fully managed service to prepare and deliver HMRC portal ready plastic tax data for your quarterly submissions, ensuring you can accurately meet your responsibilties 


Our plastic packaging tax (PPT) data managment service is designed to support liable businesses with ensuring accurate quarterly data submissions to HMRC, enabling you to meet ongoing plastic tax responsibilities with ease

Comply Direct will support your business across as many sites as required, to collect, compile and report HMRC data in a format ready for upload to the government e-portal. We will take the time understand to all tax points and liabilities, exemptions, recycled content and data verification and reporting needs.

This service assures our responsibility to deliver the following:

  • Pre-screen, risk assess and troubleshoot your quarterly PPT liability (grouped or individual companies)
  • Create your own PPT data management methodology
  • Advise on due diligence, joint and several liability and data hotspots within your value chain
  • During each quarter, manage data and evidence gathering, record keeping, and produce analysis of all liable activities as a 9 point summary for simple transfer to HMRC portal

Comply Direct is not a registered tax agent so is unable to submit data to HMRC on your behalf, however, we will provide all calculated data in the most efficient format to transfer to HMRC e-portal by your team.

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