Recycled Content Validation - ISO 14021

Our Recycled Content Validation service provides a legitimate method of demonstrating a calculated recycled content within your packaging, meeting ISO 14021 requirements


Our Recycled Content Validation Service assists companies to validate the recycled content within their packaging and ensure they are meeting requirements of self-declaration listed in ISO 14021 around recycled content

To support plastic packaging tax requirements, our offering furnishes organisations with a legitimate method of evidencing the amount of recycled content within their product packaging which complies with section 7.8 of ISO 14021 stating what material is considered as 'Recycled Content'. These requirements must be met in order to validate claims about the presence of recycled content in packaging, which is a key marketing tool for delivering product benefit to customers. 

Definition of material considered as “Recycled Content” according to section 7.8 of ISO 14021

Recycled Content is defined as the “Proportion, by mass, of recycled material in a product or packaging. Only pre-consumer and post-consumer materials shall be considered as recycled content.”

Our service deliverables:

  • Work with you to gather data on packaging manufactured as well as packaging sourced
  • Calculate a mass-balance recycled content aligned with ISO 14021 definitions 
  • Provide a per product certificate that validates the usage of Recycled Content to the proportion determined by the mass balance calculation

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