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How to prepare for plastic tax


Prepare for plastic tax implementation & meet your responsibilities 

Comply Direct provide a consultancy service to:

  • Assess and determine your plastic tax liability
  • Manage your tax liability and data reporting
  • Recommend mitigation options to reduce the impacts on your business

Why you need to prepare...

The Plastic Packaging Tax will launch on 1 April 2022 and is a measure put in place by HMRC as part of the UK’s resources and waste strategy, to encourage the usage of recycled material in plastic packaging in the UK. Read more about the 'what' and 'why' of plastic packaging tax here.

Liable businesses need to understand their responsibilities and how to meet them prior to the legislation coming into force, so they can ensure timely registration and implement a method to gather and report on the correct data required by HMRC, to avoid their enforcement regime.

In addition, the plastic tax will cause significant cost impacts to some businesses, so it's vital to start understanding opportunities to mitigate future tax liability. 

Our service offering...

  1. Efficient Plastic Tax liability calculation and impact assessment 
  2. Quarterly Plastic Tax data management delivering audit trail and tax return ready data via HMRC portal
  3. Recycled content validation for confidently claiming exemption

Our delivery process to take away all of your plastic tax strain...

1. Planning & setting clear goals:

2. Scoping impacts & establishing the baseline:

  • Map all taxable packaging flows through your business to understand hotspots, mitigation and tax relief opportunities
  • Explore tax mitigation opportunities in the supply chain from components and partners

3. Prioritise & implement:

  • Identify packaging components that are liable, exempt and out of scope
  • Quantify components with 30% or more recycled content
  • Capture supply chain Plastic Tax data from UK and overseas suppliers

4. Monitoring & reporting:

  • Guidance on recording evidence needed to claim exemption for recycled content
  • Manage due diligence planning and risk assessment needs under joint and several liability
  • Prepare for a HMRC audit with guidance and our data hosting and management service
  • Getting ready for the Plastic Tax with our support to your finance, operational, procurement and commercial teams

Get in touch

For more information and to request a proposal for our plastic tax services detailed above, contact our Policy Team on 01756 794 951 or email at marketing@complydirect.com