Leaving Your Current Scheme

It is easy and hassle-free to change schemes - discover
the benefits you will receive by switching to Comply Direct...

Discover the wealth of benefits you can receive by switching to Comply Direct

Register for a trial user account (this is no obligation), see how we work and check what your costs could be with Comply Direct. The level of service offered differs greatly from one compliance scheme to another and there can be significant differences in charges across compliance schemes, so whilst it is important for a company to meet their legal requirements, finding the most cost-effective, efficient way of doing this is a must.


Comply Direct made the changeover to their scheme simple and stress free and we haven't looked back; we're delighted with their service

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Many primary contacts within producer obligated companies do not want to think about Battery compliance outside the data submission periods but with common resignation terms of schemes being up to 120 days before the 15 October each year then cost comparisons need to be undertaken as early as April, May and June each compliance period.

The process for transferring to a new scheme is simple. Comply Direct actively encourages all obligated producers to check their Battery recycling rates and membership fees each year.

It could not be simpler to register and try us out for comparison purposes with your incumbent scheme. Register now or download a resignation email template.

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