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The packaging regulations in the UK affect businesses who handle
which they own and perform an activity on that packaging

The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 were first introduced in the UK in 1997 with the aim of reducing the amount of packaging which ended up in landfill. Companies who own and perform a relevant activity on the packaging they handle are required to comply with the Regulations if they meet the thresholds.

The Packaging Waste Regulations obligate companies (or a group of companies) who;

  • Have a turnover of over £2million
  • Handle over 50 tonnes of packaging per year

For a group of companies, these thresholds are combined totals.

And they require businesses to:

  • Minimise the amount of packaging they put on to the market
  • Redesign the packaging so that it is less harmful to the environment
  • Encourage the amount of packaging potentially being recovered reused and recycled so that the packaging flow ultimately becomes more sustainable 

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PODCAST: Introduction to the Packaging Regulations 

If you would prefer to listen to us chatting about the packaging regulations and learn everything you need to know without reading reams of information, then here is the answer - listen to our podcast below to get up to speed with the packaging regulations, discover what they are all about, determine if you are obligated and find out how to become compliant.


PODCAST: Understanding the impact of non-compliance with the Packaging Regulations

We often find that companies that have been unaware of the packaging regulations and didn’t know that they had an obligation, shy away from the potential repercussions and delay starting their journey to become compliant. This podcast will explain why this is not the best plan of action and that being proactive once you do find out your company is obligated is a positive step and will benefit you in the long-run. We will be helping you to understand your obligations and the importance of being compliant. 

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Joining a Compliance Scheme

In the UK, an obligated producer has to join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS), or register directly with the Environment Agency. Once registered, a packaging producer has to fund the recycling and recovery of packaging material set at a level determined by the data they submit on packaging handled and the UK recycling rates.

To read more about your obligations as a packaging producer, please read our knowledge bank below or visit our frequently asked questions.

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