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Waste Batteries Collections

Comply Direct can provide waste battery collection binsbattery recycling points or organise waste battery collections for businesses and retail outlets alike


Comply Direct can provide waste battery collection bins, battery recycling points or organise waste battery collections for businesses and retail outlets alike

Batteries are classified as hazardous waste in the UK and must be collected for recycling and disposal separately from other waste.

You can request your Battery Can waste battery collection container to start or equip your waste batteries collection and recycling point from Comply Direct today.

Comply Direct provide a range of Battery Cans in 5, 30 and 60 litre capacities.

The size of the Battery Can that you install and the quantity of waste portable batteries you collect will impact the frequency of Battery Can collections that you require.

Comply Direct have a partnership with BatteryBack who provide the above range of battery cans to suit the needs of many types of business. Get in touch today to request your battery bin. We can also arrange free, national waste batteries collections of the bin and replacement bins when full. There is a charge for the initial installation of a battery container, however, collections are free of charge thereafter once the bins are full and have reached 40kg of waste batteries. 

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