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Leaving Your Current Scheme

It is easy and hassle-free to change schemes and discover
how much you could save by switching to Comply Direct...

Discover how much you could save by switching to Comply Direct

Letting your current compliance scheme not to auto-renew your membership is easy with a simple email which Comply Direct can help you with. 30 September is the final day that you can let them know, but you can resign as early as you like. Download your resignation email now.

It could not be simpler to register and try us out (no obligation) for comparison purposes with your incumbent scheme. Request a hassle-free cost comparison today from Comply Direct and see how much you can save by emailing sarah@complydirect.com

Significant costs can be saved by switching Packaging compliance schemes and the process for transferring to a new scheme is simple and hassle-free. Comply Direct actively encourages all obligated producers to check their Packaging recycling rates and membership fees each year.

Comply Direct made the changeover to their scheme simple and stress free and we haven't looked back; we're delighted with their service

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