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Sustainable Packaging Consultancy

We offer a bespoke service to help you move forward
with your packaging aspirations whether it is Packaging
Optimisation, Recycled Content Validation, Extended Packaging
Data or Policy Consultancy including support with the Plastic Tax liability.

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Packaging Optimisation and Design for Recylability

At Comply Direct, we are committed to assisting businesses find new and innovative ways to unleash their eco-potential and we know that packaging design and innovation is a key focus for companies, particularly with the blue planet effect and the media focus on plastics. We offer a bespoke service to help you move forward with your packaging aspirations and our overall aim is to help businesses navigate the future of packaging and its optimisation in a simple and hassle-free way.

Comply Direct are actively involved in leading change initiatives such as the UK Plastics Pact and a range of EPR consultations, so we understand the broader aims of UK Government, industry and the future of resource and waste management.

Packaging optimisation applies to primary, secondary and transit packaging. Our packaging data expertise is transferable to the extended material and component data that packaging optimisation needs. Our combined data and material expertise supports your decision-making goals whether it be packaging design for recyclability, life cycle analysis, cost benefit assessments and more.

We have an industry wide wealth of experience and knowledge in the future of compliance, e.g. Plastic Packaging Tax / potential for modulated fees within EPR changes 2023.

To find out out more contact our Packaging Optimisation experts today


Comply Direct supporting Design for Recyclability

Comply Direct offer guidance to ensure your packaging is designed to fit with current and future UK and European collection, recycling infrastructure and resource regulations. Placing design for recyclability at the forefront of packaging design will help reduce your environmental footprint and increase the efficacy of the UK recycling system. Furthermore, this helps consumers make easy end of life choices for what can be recycled, supporting good quality recycled content as a result of your products placed on the UK market. Our services in supporting design for recyclability include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping to create positive packaging design and guidance for supplier specifications
  • Prioritising the design of packaging for optimal recyclability from the outset

This service, in consideration of the changes relating to Extended Producer Responsibility could provide cost effective solutions and mitigate the likely increased costs to producers from the new system, due to take place from 2023.


Extended Producer Responsibility– Prepare your packaging!

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a system whereby the full costs associated with the environmental disposal of a product (or packaging) are met by the business placing that product (or packaging) on the market.

This means a significant change to the existing packaging regulations and Comply Direct are here to support your business to successfully prepare for the new requirements within a UK wide Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Waste, commencing in 2023. Access our resources on the consultation within our policy calendar here, which is kept up to date with all policy updates effecting EPR.

The introduction of modulated fees aims to adjust the price of compliance, based on the specific environmental performance of packaging. Low fee rates will apply to packaging with a positive contribution to scheme outcomes / targets, whilst higher fees will apply to packaging that does not positively contribute. This suggests that certain packaging materials will pay significantly higher costs than what we have seen in the previous system, as more detail on packaging type, format and material usage will be required. A project run by charity; WRAP (Waste & Resource Action Programme) is currently reviewing the modulation methodology.

Comply Direct, as the UK’s second largest compliance scheme have a strong involvement within the industry, meaning we are well placed to support your business in this area. We can offer support enabling you to prepare for modulated fees, providing an estimated quotation and guidance in altering your packaging to ensure it provides a positive contribution to scheme outcomes and targets, reducing the cost to your business within the new system. For more information about how we can help you prepare for EPR, please contact our Sustainable Packaging Leader HERE


Asian-inspired food brand itsu approached Comply Direct for support with reviewing the recyclability and environmental impact of changing a hard to recycle composite food packaging film, to a recyclable mono-material. As a result of Comply Direct’s assessments and analysis, itsu were able to successfully implement this packaging change. Click HERE to read the full case study.


Quantify and Mitigate your Plastic Tax Liability

The plastic packaging tax will come into effect on 1 April 2022 and as of early March 2021 has been confirmed in the government Finance Bill, so with just under a year to go until implementation, it is key that affected businesses are preparing now. The Plastic Tax is a measure put in place by HMRC as part of the UK’s Resource and Waste Strategy to encourage the usage of recycled material in plastic packaging in the UK. Manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging will be liable under this new legislation.

The tax is to be placed on the import or manufacture of plastic packaging placed on the UK market where recycled content is less than 30%. Launching in April 2022 it will be charged at £200 per tonne of plastic packaging

We support liable businesses, ensuring you know what you need to do and Comply Direct can support with calculating potential plastic tax liability and reducing future plastic tax costs.

Free UK Plastic Tax Calculator

Our free plastic packaging tax liability calculator aims to provide companies affected by the upcoming plastic packaging tax with a quick indication of their potential plastic tax liability and costs.

Access the plastic tax calculator

To download our UK Plastic Packaging Tax fact sheet please click here

To download our UK Plastic Packaging Tax FAQ's please click here

To find out more get in touch with our Packaging Sustainability Leader today

Comply Direct were instrumental to this project and the switch to a more sustainable solution. Their expert advice was invaluable to make the right decision both for the environment and the business.


Recycled Content Validation

Our Recycled Content Validation Service assists producers to validate the recycled content of their products and ensure that they are meeting the requirements of self-declaration listed in ISO 14021 around recycled content.

As part of the service Comply Direct deliver, a per product certificate is provided that validates the usage of Recycled Content to the proportion determined by the mass balance calculation which our experts utilise within this offering. 

The certificate would enable companies to have a legitimate method of demonstrating a calculated recycled content within their packaging.

To find out out more contact our Recycled Content Validation experts today


Extended Packaging Data

Extended Packaging Data (EPD) is any material information beyond what is captured for packaging compliance focusing on detailed construction of individual packaging components and is a response to increasing incentives for packaging producers to understand and improve sustainability of packaging materials and their resource footprint.

Our Extended Packaging Data service will help you navigate the future of packaging and prepare for upcoming legislative developments. 

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