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Our WEEE Compliance Services

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At Comply Direct we offer a range of registration types to meet your legal obligations under the WEEE Regulations (2013) in the most cost effective way

As an approved producer compliance scheme, we can register your company with the relevant Environment Agency and work alongside you to ensure your data is accurate and collected efficiently.

If your company places over five tonnes of EEE on the market in a calendar year you will need to be registered as a large producer in the subsequent calendar year. If your company places below five tonnes of EEE on the market you can either register direct with the Environment Agency or we can register you with the Environment Agency via our producer compliance scheme. 

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By registering with Comply Direct and becoming a scheme member we take on your legal obligation under the WEEE Regulations, offering peace of mind that you are fully compliant.

The recommendations on efficiency improvements have given us ideas to implement immediately

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Comply Direct is the WEEE compliance scheme of choice for companies looking for a smarter way to fulfil their WEEE obligations. We can save you time and administration, making WEEE compliance simple and hassle-free.

We are the second biggest UK WEEE compliance scheme with a consistent 99% member retention rate year-on-year and are THE chosen compliance scheme for new WEEE registrants!

Our online services are accessible and easy to use. Members have access to all of our resources and are able to submit all documentation required for WEEE compliance online, avoiding excessive administration and saving time. Comply Direct guarantee that all savings due to efficiency are passed on to our WEEE compliance members. To ensure our online services really are hassle-free, the WEEE compliance team are highly experienced and offer dedicated support and expertise.

Becoming a member of Comply Direct's WEEE compliance scheme means you have access to a range of benefits which are designed to support your business:

  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Completion of Environment Agency data submissions
  • Advanced online membership account 
  • Take on your legal obligation
  • Reviews of data collection processes to increase efficiency
  • Performance points system to earn discounts on membership fees
  • Dedicated team of Technical Advisors
  • Free webinars on a host of environmental topics
  • Discounts across other Comply Direct services
  • Support with Environment Agency audits
  • Downloadable compliance support documents
  • Annual compliance certificates
  • WEEE collection service
  • Free industry newsletter
  • Advice on additional legislation such as RoHS and REACH

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International Compliance

Export to another country or have presence overseas?

You may need to comply with environmental legislation in that country...

Comply Direct delivers both environmental & commercial benefits inspired by always finding a better way

Now in our 16th year as a UK approved compliance scheme we are the only compliance scheme in the UK to have the Customer Service Excellence Standard AND the Investors in People Gold Award. That’s one of the reasons we are now the trusted compliance partner of choice for over 1700 compliance members, so join us in 2022 and enjoy hassle-free and cost-effective compliance with the knowledge that your legal obligation is in safe hands.

Why Comply Direct?

Highest Standards of Service & Support

Our 99% member retention rate is testament to our expert team


We ensure all members enjoy value for money year on year

Trust & Quality

Quality guaranteed and peace of mind compliance with Comply Direct

Expert Knowledge

We have a wealth of compliance knowledge & industry experience

Integrated Services

We can accommodate all of your environmental needs for a joined-up approach to your sustainability strategy

Top FAQs

The Producer Responsibility Obligations (WEEE) Regulations came into force in 2007 and below is everything you need to know about WEEE compliance and the producer responsibility legislation. For more FAQ's on WEEE Compliance click the links below.

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