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CE Marking


Do you manufacture, re-brand, import or distribute electrical products in the UK/EU?

If so, you have obligations under various EU Directives that lay out the health, safety and environmental protection requirements for products sold in the European Economic Area.

Many of these Directives require that the product displays the CE Marking, which is a symbol as below that signifies that the product is compliant with all relevant Directives.

There are more than 20 CE Marking Directives and Regulations, however, only a few of these are likely to apply to any one product. The three key Directives that are likely to apply to the majority of electrical products placed on the EU/UK market are the RoHS Directive, the EMC Directive, the LVD Directive or the RED Directive.


RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The RoHS Directive is concerned with placing restrictions on hazardous substances commonly found in electrical products place on the EU market.


EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. The EMC directive is in place to ensure that all electrical products placed on the EU market are electromagnetically compatible with each other and do not cause or become affected by electromagnetic disturbance.


LVD stands for the Low Voltage Directive. The LVD is in place to ensure that electrical equipment designed to operate at low voltages do not present a health and safety risk.


RED stands for The Radio Equipment Directive. The RED is in place to promote protection of the radio spectrum, ensuring it is used efficiently and securely.

Toys Safety

The Toys Safety Directive is in place to regulate the health and safety of toys placed on the EU market.

How Can Comply Direct Help?

Comply Direct can help you to comply with your obligations under these Directives by:

  • Provide an overview of the requirements of the Directives and your company’s obligations under them
  • Advising on how to approach compliance while keeping costs to a minimum
  • Assisting with specialist review and interpretation of any relevant documentation already in place
  • Arrange for compliance testing to be carried out if required
  • Suggest solutions for non-compliant products
  • Guidance with ensuring products are correctly labelled and accompanied by required documentation
  • Production of a Declaration of Conformity
  • Assisting with setting up system to ensure ongoing compliance

If you believe you may need assistance with CE marking and the above Directives and would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact our team of experts on 01756 794 951 or email info@complydirect.com 

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