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REACH Compliance


The REACH Regulations set out to control and restrict the usage of toxic chemicals in the EU.

Under the Regulations, substances that are suspected of being:

  • Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMRs);
  • Persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic (PBTs);
  • Very persistent and very bio-accumulative (vPvBs);
  • Seriously and / or irreversibly damaging the environment or human health, as substances damaging the hormone system

…are categorised as substances of very high concern (SVHC).

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) publishes a list of SVHCs which is regularly updated, currently containing a total of 191 chemicals (as of 27 June 2018). The list is known as the ‘Candidate List’, and SVHCs on the list are in the process of being considered for whether or not they should be subject to restrictions, through imposing a requirement for usage of the substance to require authorisation.

When a substance has been categorised as an SVHC and included on the Candidate List, obligations are elicited for anyone manufacturing, importing or using the substance.

REACH SVHC Compliance

Do you manufacture, import, distribute or sell finished products or components in the EU?

If so, you are likely to be affected by the REACH Regulations. You are obligated to ensure that your products are compliant with the REACH SVHC thresholds, or must communicate to your customers that the product (or components within the product) exceed the threshold levels.

How can Comply Direct help?

Comply Direct can assist you with your compliance with the REACH Regulations by:

  • Providing an overview of your obligations under the regulations
  • Advising on how to approach compliance while keeping costs to a minimum
  • Assisting with specialist review and interpretation of any relevant documentation already in place
  • Arranging for the chemical testing of products, or components within products, if required
  • Assisting with production of a Declaration of Conformity, or a Notification of SVHC Content
  • Guidance on how to ensure ongoing compliance

If you believe you may need assistance with REACH compliance and would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact our team of experts on 01756 794 951 or email info@complydirect.com 

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