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About Comply Direct

Comply Direct consistently delivers both environmental & commercial
inspired by always finding a better way

We proudly support over 1700 members with Packaging, WEEE & Batteries Compliance

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Our mission

To deliver commercial and environmental benefits inspired by always finding a better way.

Our vision

To contribute to a more sustainable planet by empowering our partners to unleash their eco potential and guide them through the ever changing world of environmental regulations.  Providing a premium quality, flexible service fully encompassing all things environmental.

About Comply Direct

Comply Direct are an expert, independent and approved producer compliance scheme that provides cost-effective, innovative and integrated environmental solutions designed to support UK businesses with sustainability goals. Our expert team of compliance specialists ensure that our members are fully compliant with the regulations, contributing to our 100% dependable track record of compliance.

Founded in 2006 by Executive Chairman Gareth Roberts, the team here at Comply Direct take pride in our commitment to members, delivering and maintaining the highest quality level of service and support for our members.

Comply Direct proudly supports over 1700 members with Packaging, WEEE and Batteries compliance. Over the last 16 years, our dedicated, expert account management team has had the pleasure of working with a variety of companies allowing us to build up our specialist knowledge of various industry sectors. We also continually gain fantastic feedback from our members via regular surveys and hold an excellent Net Promoter Score of 80; a metric that measures customers' willingness to recommend a company's products or services to others. In addition, we have the enviable member retention rate of over 99% which is testament to our extensive member benefit offering as standard, premium customer service and tailored, transparent approach ensuring we can meet our members' individual requirements. 

Comply Direct - Your Environmental Compliance Partner of Choice

Trust, Commitment, Respect - An insight into Comply Direct. Discover why we have a 99% member retention rate and over 1,700 loyal members who choose to stay with us year-on-year...

Comply Direct made the changeover to their scheme simple and stress free and we haven't looked back; we're delighted with their service

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Our Services

As your trusted environmental partner, we can provide a range of related services to accommodate all your environmental needs.

Comply Direct are a government approved producer compliance scheme for packaging compliance, WEEE compliance and also provide a batteries compliance service in line with the UK waste regulations. We can also offer assistance with International Compliance for organisations who have obligations overseas. 

Our team are experts in developing energy and carbon reduction and management plans as well as offering services to support or undertake data gathering to assist in reporting obligations.

We provide specialist consultancy services for mandatory compliance and voluntary sustainability areas, including sustainable packaging, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), SECR, ISO 14001, ESG, zero waste to landfill solutions and recycling for materials and WEEE.

Our Approach

At Comply Direct, there are three core values that we hold close to the centre of all operations, communications and customer service - trust, commitment and respect.

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Our Charities

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Our History

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International Compliance

Export to another country or have presence overseas?

You may need to comply with environmental legislation in that country...