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At Comply Direct we hold three core values close to the centre of all of our operations, communications and customer service:



The Comply Direct Team are committed to ensuring that your company receives top level support in order to deliver the highest level of service.

Frequent training and team-building exercises ensure that our team always deliver the most cost-effective solutions, 100% compliance, the most practical advice and the most hassle-free services.


We understand that producer compliance is a legal obligation and not a choice, therefore, we aim to respect the knowledge and processes of our customers and tailor our services accordingly. We treat all organisations of any obligation size with the same respect to ensure a single, high standard of service and quality.

Data confidentiality is paramount to us and we will always behave in a professional manner when acting on behalf of our members.


The relationship that customers enter into with Comply Direct is only beneficial if they can be safe in the knowledge that our ethics and practices are trustworthy.

To achieve the most effective relationships with customers we aim to be completely transparent in all practices and will freely offer information and guidance on our methodologies.


Working with Comply Direct has made a complex subject a straightforward one and we have gained confidence in the reliability of the forecasted costs

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The Comply Direct Code

Our staff and services trust in a promise based guidance code to ensure that no customer is ever left wanting. We are ISO 9001 accredited and consistently behave in accordance with the suggestions and requirements of the standard.

  • We promise to offer technical support and guidance to all members and to keep up to date with the most recent industry developments
  • We promise to remain as competitive on price as possible within the compliance, energy, carbon and recycling markets
  • We promise to deliver a hassle-free service
  • We promise to remain flexible and innovative by offering adaptable services
  • We promise to provide an innovative online service for customer convenience and ease of use
  • We promise to take on board all feedback and use it to further develop our services as we continue to grow
  • We promise to make an initial response to all concerns raised with Comply Direct within 24 hours


For more information about how our integrated approach can benefit you, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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