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Chris Smith

Environmental Data Analyst, Compliance

About Chris:
Helping Comply Direct members in packaging and WEEE understand and navigate their environmental obligations, audit and data management processes and any industry changes that may affect them. Our goal is to place a friendly, knowledgeable and consistent customer service at the heart of what we do for Comply Direct members.

Specific interests within the position:
I’m deeply interested in supporting our customers’ environmental and business sustainability as part of the UK’s transition to a low carbon future centred around resource efficiency, reuse and a growing circular economy.

Top tip:
The Russian proverb to Trust, but verify is central to making environmental compliance work.

Random fact:
In 2017, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) calculated that 51 trillion microplastic particles litter the world’s oceans. That’s – 500 times more stars than exist in our galaxy.