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Gareth Roberts

Managing Director

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Although, after 12 years, I am now a little bit less involved in the day to day running of the business, I am certainly no less passionate about Comply Direct and still thoroughly enjoy being in the role of MD. My main driver is to constantly enhance our customer experience. I am personally very competitive by nature and I want Comply Direct to be the very best. I try to set high standards throughout the company and we push ourselves to better every day. Along with having satisfied customers I am committed to ensuring we have a happy team of employees who remain focused on the achievement of our company goals whilst always adhering to and displaying our company principles.

Specific interest within position:
To keep standards high and to drive continuous improvement.

Random fact:
Everton FC have scored more goals in the top flight than any other English club.

Top tip:
Starting a business is a tough challenge and you will need a bit of luck to accompany lots of hard work. However, don’t lose sight of your end goals and enjoy the journey as it will be very exciting along the way.