Melanie Harper

Brand, Solutions and Innovations Manager

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About Melanie:
I have been with Comply Direct since 2015, first as Marketing Manager until April 2021, and I am now the Brand, Solutions and Innovations Manager overseeing the sales, marketing and sustainable packaging team providing support across company profitability including sales and business development. I am proud to be part of an ambitious and growing company. Since I started the teams have continued to grow throughout, we have gained many new awards, we have shown strong member growth across our compliance services and developed various new services across sustainability and packaging consultancy services and we're the trusted partner of choice for almost 1700 compliance members. We have an amazing team of staff at Comply Direct who help deliver excellent customer service and ensure we are the scheme and company to go to. I am ultimately responsible for instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business and overseeing all business growth activities across all facets of the business from customer need analysis to developing and maintaining marketing and sales strategies in order to meet company objectives.

Specific interest within position:
I love being part of a growing business and being involved in diversifying services and offerings. I have a passion for developing strategies to ensure more potential customers are aware of what Comply Direct can offer to generate opportunities across the business and achieve sales targets and company objectives.

Random fact:
Of the 1,200 or more known species of bats that exist, not a single species is blind

Top tip:
Don't be afraid to try something new in business if you believe in it. Be tenacious and resilient!