Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Your go-to hub for all things EPR; the what, why, who, when & how!

Extended Producer Responsibility is on the horizon and with such significant legislative change, comes an overwhelming amount of information for affected companies to take in. To simplify such a sea of data, we have created this EPR hub to summarise and collate all the key information businesses need, to understand what EPR is and why the change is happening, as well as who is obligated, when it will be in place and how to prepare your business to ensure ongoing compliance following EPR implementation. Scroll down to access the hub!

If you have any queries about the government's EPR proposals, need support in preparing for EPR, and/or how the upcoming changes may affect your business, contact our Policy Team on 01756 794 951 or email marketing@complydirect.com

EPR Discovery Session

Our Discovery Session will enable you to determine your liability under EPR, as well as provide solutions for data gathering and ongoing management.

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Comply Direct were instrumental to this project and the switch to a more sustainable solution. Their expert advice was invaluable to make the right decision both for the environment and the business.


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