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International Compliance

If you export to another country or have a presence overseas, you
may need to comply with environmental legislation in that country...
And Comply Direct are here to help!

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Comply Direct are an expert, independent and approved producer compliance scheme that provides cost-effective, innovative and integrated environmental solutions designed to support businesses with environmental legislation.


As well as supporting businesses with their obligations under environmental legislation in the UK, we also have a dedicated and expert team ready to support any organisation that may need to comply with environmental legislation overseas for packaging, WEEE and batteries. We work hand in hand with a number of partners across the EU, enabling us to manage your registrations in the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands and many more. Outside Europe, we offer our expertise through consultancy for compliance in the USA and Australia.

If your organisation exports to another country or has a presence overseas, you may need to comply with environmental legislation and regulations in that country. Our dedicated international team can investigate your WEEE, Packaging and Batteries operations overseas and provide a tailor-made solution specific to your organisation, offering you a single point of contact to manage your single or multiple European registrations or by giving you the tools to manage them yourself. 

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Are you affected?

Whether it is in relation to WEEE, Packaging or Batteries, you may be affected if:

  • Your organisation has a UK based head office and you export products
  • Your organisation has a physical presence in another country
  • Your organisation distance sells via the internet or mail order
  • Your organisation has plans to expand operations beyond the UK
  • Your organisation uses the Green Dot on its packaging - click here for more information about the Green Dot 

Next Steps

  • Comply Direct provides compliance services in many countries including France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Ireland. Get in touch to find out more.
  • International legislation is different in every country. You will need to check each country your organisation exports to or has a presence in to see if your organisation is affected.
  • Register with a relevant scheme/authority
  • Submit data within the set time frames

How can Comply Direct help?

  • A Compliance Assessment against EU Directives and national regulations to determine which countries your organisation has obligations in
  • Management of Registration in each country
  • Multinational Registrations for WEEE, Batteries and Packaging
  • Management of Data Reporting and submission
  • Payment of governing body/compliance scheme fees on your behalf
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Dedicated Expert International Account Manager offering single point of contact
  • Regular updates through ebulletins, webinars and eshots
  • Added sustainability services including ESOS and CRC

Upcoming webinar: International Compliance with Comply Direct

Friday 2 March 2018 at 10:00am

This webinar will illustrate the options and solutions Comply Direct provide to support organisations with international compliance.

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Why Comply Direct?

Comply Direct consistently delivers both environmental and commercial benefits inspired by always finding a better way

Our dedicated and expert account management team ensure that compliance is hassle-free for our members and that they are fully compliant with the regulations, contributing to our 100% dependable track record of compliance.

Over the last 10 years, our compliance team has had the pleasure of working with a variety of different companies allowing us to build up our expert knowledge of various industry sectors.

'We work with many different compliance schemes in Europe and Comply Direct are amongst those that do a great job. Comply Direct are very supportive, provide swift responses, are quick at processing data and have motivated and friendly staff – all this makes the life of a WEEE consultant much easier!'  EARN Service



Our Partnership with Deutsche Recycling

We have a number of international partnerships, who work with schemes in all EU member states, in areas affected by the legislation. We work with Deutsche Recycling to help deliver your international compliance needs. Deutsche Recycling are experts in reducing commercial risks by ensuring that organisations trade in a legally secure way. They have intricate knowledge of all country-specific regulations and continually keep up-to-date with these, reducing your risk of operating illegally.

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Comply Direct are very supportive, provide swift responses, are quick at processing data and have motivated and friendly staff – all this makes the life of a WEEE consultant much easier!

EARN Service (On behalf of Herweck AG)

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