Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency

Our consultancy offering furnishes organisations with the tools to begin their resource efficiency journey and contribute to the circular economy


Identify opportunities for your business to contribute to the circular economy and optimise resource use efficiency to reap financial and environmental benefits...

Our circular economy and resource efficiency consultancy offering enables organisations to put their closed resource loop aspirations into action. We provide tailored opportunity recommendations to help eradicate waste in your business operations and work towards ensuring the materials you handle are continual resources.

The Circular Economy relies on a closed system in which the amounts of waste output and raw material input are minimised, and we keep resources in use for as long as possible. Our service helps you find, measure and close resource loops in your organisation or value chain.

Our in-house resource efficiency team will cover the following deliverables in a bespoke circular economy and resource efficiency project, to ultimately produce tailored analysis, recommendations and justification for implementation of change opportunities that will support your specific goals: 

  • Benchmark and analyse how you can transition your business from the linear economy towards circular models
  • Recommend how best to reduce consumption of finite material resources and maintain value of resources in your organisation
  • Develop a strategy for recovery of materials for recycling, repair, or reuse, including how your products can be used for longer, considering the sharing and services economy

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