Packaging Design for Recyclability

A fully bespoke service to explore your packaging optimisation goals and challenges, and identify opportunities for change to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging 


Reduce the environmental impact of your packaging with our design for recyclability offering...

Our design for recyclability service allows organisations to identify packaging optimisation opportunities in line with their long-term goals and current material challenges, and enables informed decision making that will reap maximum return on investment

Packaging optimisation applies to primary, secondary and transit packaging. Our packaging data expertise is transferable to the extended material and component data that packaging optimisation needs. Our combined data and material expertise supports your decision-making goals whether it be packaging design for recyclability, life cycle analysis, cost benefit assessments and more.

Our in-house sustainable packaging experts will cover the following deliverables in a bespoke packaging optimisation project, to ultimately produce tailored analysis, recommendations and justification for implementation of potential packaging change opportunities: 

  • Review packaging choices and future goals
  • Apply design for recyclability principles to existing packaging or new packaging ideas
  • ‘Matchmaking’ - as appropriate, we will signpost companies to a suitable provider of the packaging material to meet their required specification
  • Consider the 4Rs of Removal, Reduction, Reuse and Recyclability in analysis
  • Set practical goals which align with Extended Producer Responsibility and future consumer labelling requirements
  • Use Life Cycle Assessment or carbon foot printing to support decision making
  • Advise on greenwashing risks to your business and how to avoid making inappropriate environmental claims

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