Zero Waste to Landfill Certification

Organisations are increasingly motivated to reduce their environmental impact, manage waste costs and exceed stakeholder expectations in demonstrating they are taking actions towards sustainability goals - our Zero Waste to Landfill service can be instrumental in enabling companies to achieve these aspects


What is Zero Waste to Landfill?

Zero Waste to Landfill is defined as ‘the diversion of ALL waste from being land filled’.

Through analysis of each waste stream, suitable end of life solutions can be determined, avoiding costly landfill sites; this could be through reuse, recycling and even redesign of products.

Our Zero Waste Certification Service

Let Comply Direct help your business or organisation optimise its waste footprint by setting realistic goals and working towards a Zero Waste to Landfill Certification.

Comply Direct help businesses divert non-hazardous waste streams from landfill through following the waste hierarchy and reducing waste, finding ways to reuse materials, increasing circularity and recyclability, and minimising residual waste sent to energy recovery or energy from waste.

Our 4-step approach to achieving Zero Waste to Landfill…

Benefits of Zero Waste to Landfill certification

  • Certified to a recognised standard
  • Demonstrating compliance under voluntary and mandatory environmental reporting frameworks, contracting and procurement requirements, and more
  • Saving on increased landfill costs and other significant cost savings
  • Actively manage the costs and environmental impact of your processes and waste streams
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and set realistic goals
  • Proactively demonstrate commitment to sustainability goals, leading to increased opportunities
  • Supports other related sustainability goals within carbon management and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) reporting
  • Applies a framework to help manage, audit, report and footprint your waste  

As part of the support package, you will receive:

  • Certification of your Zero Waste to Landfill achievement and a waste audit report
  • Goal setting to achieve continuous improvements or specific goals
  • Support with promoting your achievements - we will provide a bespoke press release following achievement of your certification
  • A dedicated expert to support you in achieving Zero Waste to Landfill

Additional services available

  • Creating specific opportunities for closed loop and circular material recyclability
  • Ongoing support from our waste management team to facilitate waste material collections *for scheme members the evidence (PRNs) generated from collections can be used to offset your own obligation under the packaging regulations.

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Achieving zero waste to landfill or publicising a zero waste to landfill target makes your company an attractive business prospect for both customers and partners. At the same time, implementing a zero waste to landfill strategy will improve your resource efficiency and cut your business costs.

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