Plastic Tax Impact Assessment

Our plastic packaging tax impact assessment service will calculate your liability, quantify the cost impact and determine mitigation options available for your business


Our Plastic Packaging Tax Impact Assessment service is designed to support liable businesses with understanding the effects the tax will have on their business, including financial, data and reporting aspects. You will also gain expert recommendations on mitigation options available to your business to reduce the impacts and manage your liability

Our in-house plastic packaging tax experts will work with your packaging data to cover the following and ultimately produce a report to quantify the plastic tax impacts and mitigation options for your business:

  1. Consultation call and delivery of report detailing our plastic tax calculator results using your plastic packaging data for a date period of your choice
  2. Confirmation of liability based on this calculation, as well as a review of plastic packaging activities
  3. Identification of key impacts/recommendations for mitigation
  4. Provision of a further call to discuss the report and identify further guidance or consultancy work needed.

These deliverables are not exhaustive and we do have further elements involving data methodology for reporting to HMRC - our environmental solutions team will be able to determine which impact assessment elements are most relevant and important for your business. 

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