Free Confidential Compliance Identification Service

If your company has grown quickly or you have previously been 
unaware of the Packaging, WEEE, Batteries or ESOS & SECR regulations then our
FREE Confidential Compliance Identification Service is for you...

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Free Confidential Compliance Identification Service

Comply Direct have been a UK government approved producer compliance scheme for over 15 years. We are an expert and independent top UK scheme providing cost-effective, innovative and integrated environmental solutions. These are designed to support UK businesses with environmental legislation offering peace of mind and unlimited support for your environmental compliance needs.

Our FREE Confidential Compliance Identification Service is here to support and protect any fast-growing companies or companies that have previously been unaware of the Packaging, WEEE, Batteries or ESOS and SECR regulations. Our experts here at Comply Direct can help you quickly identify if you are obligated, offering a complimentary compliance review. Within this review we can help you gather your data, determine your obligation and process the next steps if required, providing the support and protection you need to become compliant.

Our FREE Compliance Identification Service offers a number of benefits:

  • FREE tailored support
  • FREE compliance review
  • Dedicated producer identification specialists
  • Simple, hassle-free and rapid way to see if you are obligated
  • Expert knowledge - our team have a wealth of compliance knowledge and industry experience
  • Full civil sanctions support if required 
  • No obligation and completely confidential

PODCAST: Introduction to the Packaging Regulations 

If you would prefer to listen to us chatting about the packaging regulations and learn everything you need to know without reading reams of information, then here is the answer - listen to our podcast below to get up to speed with the packaging regulations, discover what they are all about, determine if you are obligated and find out how to become compliant.

The EA actively seek to prosecute non-registered producer companies and failure to comply with the regulations could result in prosecution under criminal law or civil penalties. Our aim is to take the hassle out of the legislation and support our members in helping you become compliant and protect your business.

Get in touch today and let our dedicated producer identification specialists help to find out if you are obligated

PODCAST: Understanding the impact of non-compliance with the Packaging Regulations

We often find that companies that have been unaware of the packaging regulations and didn’t know that they had an obligation, shy away from the potential repercussions and delay starting their journey to become compliant. This podcast will explain why this is not the best plan of action and that being proactive once you do find out your company is obligated is a positive step and will benefit you in the long-run. We will be helping you to understand your obligations and the importance of being compliant. 


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