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Trust, commitment, respect, passion and innovation

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At Comply Direct we hold five core values close to the centre of all of our operations, communications and customer service:


We are transparent in our approach and will always do the right thing to be fair to all, acting with integrity.  We deliver on our promises.  We communicate effectively and honestly.  We offer quality guaranteed. We admit when things have gone wrong, and do our best to put things right. This enables long lasting, loyal relationships to thrive.


We are committed to our purpose, our vision, our colleagues, and to all of our stakeholders making us reliable and accountable in all that we do.


We treat our stakeholders with respect at all times. We do this by listening to and acting on feedback, by recognising and being understanding of different situations, needs and preferences. We place equal value on the abilities, qualities and achievements of all and prioritise inclusion. We act with dignity, fairness, courtesy, politeness, kindness and empathy at all times. We welcome diversity and we value collaboration. Being respectful goes a long way with all stakeholders and is the foundation of our customer service excellence.


We have passion for using business as a force for good in this world. Being passionate about our purpose brings us contentment and the motivation to achieve our goals.


We take time to understand, learn, and improve from our experiences. We actively encourage new, bold ideas and action. We are strongly motivated to innovate. We share our expert knowledge and experience and seek alternative perspectives. We prioritise always finding a better way, and this ultimately enhances the impact we make.

Knowing nothing about the legislation I've been helped all the way & the service has been excellent. All staff I've spoken to have been obliging, courteous & knowledgeable in their field of expertise



The Comply Direct Code

Our staff and services trust in a promise based guidance code to ensure that our members are never neglected. We are ISO 9001 accredited and consistently behave in accordance with the suggestions and requirements of the standard.

  • We promise to offer technical support and guidance to all members and to keep up to date with the most recent industry developments
  • We promise to remain as competitive on price as possible within the compliance, energy, carbon and recycling markets
  • We promise to deliver a hassle-free service
  • We promise to remain flexible and innovative by offering adaptable services
  • We promise to provide an innovative online service for customer convenience and ease of use
  • We promise to take on board all feedback and use it to further develop our services as we continue to grow
  • We promise to make an initial response to all concerns raised with Comply Direct within 24 hours

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