Henry Squire & Sons Ltd


Henry Squire and Sons Ltd have been a valued member of Comply Direct’s WEEE and batteries compliance scheme since 2019 & subsequently chose us to support them with their business’ sustainability aspirations

"Comply Direct provided us with very helpful advice and cooperation throughout the project"

Henry Squire & Sons Ltd are a long-established UK producer of a wide variety of padlocks and smart locks, with an impressive history of over 240 years in business. The company is committed to operating sustainably, taking environmental considerations into account throughout all processes and procedures. In line with this, Henry Squire & Sons Ltd approached Comply Direct to assist them establishing their current carbon footprint, as the first step on their journey to achieving Net Zero emissions. Following successful completion of the project and our delivery of the full organisational carbon footprint report, Henry Squire & Sons Ltd said they would recommend our consultancy services to others and rated our customer service levels highly, commenting that they received “very helpful advice and cooperation throughout the project” as well as “prompt attention to enquiries” from our sustainability team.