Hexcel Composites

Packaging Compliance

Hexcel Composites Ltd, a loyal member with Comply Direct for both packaging compliance and data management, came to us looking for support with the new Plastic Packaging Tax introduced by HMRC in April 2022.

Here is how we helped Hexcel Composites prepare for the UK Plastic Packaging Tax!

The opportunity

Hexcel Composites Ltd is a global leader in advanced composites technology, a leading producer of carbon fibre reinforcements and resin systems, and the world leader in honeycomb manufacturing for the commercial aerospace industry, with over 70 years’ experience and 23 manufacturing sites. The company is committed to protecting our planet, with a dedication to reducing emissions through renewable energy procurement, recycling and re-use. They have been a Clean Air Winner, and have been recognised for their outstanding culture of safety and sustainability. With projects to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions’ intensity and waste going to landfill by 30% by 2030, it was essential that they tackled the new tax responsibly and contributed towards incentivising the use of recycled material in the production of plastic packaging. As a current Comply Direct packaging compliance scheme member, Hexcel Composites were confident that our in-house specialists would successfully guide them through this tax, and use it as an opportunity to bring real value to their business

The solution

To produce an effective and meaningful impact assessment, Comply Direct held an initial consultation video call with Hexcel Composites to discuss their plastic packaging activities in detail and fully understand their business. This allowed Comply Direct to deliver a report detailing the results from the plastic calculator results and confirm their liability. This identified key impacts and both direct and indirect costs of the tax, allowing Hexcel Composites to prepare and manage this liability. The project then moved on to detailing the requirements to comply with HMRC and manage the data portal submission, including what records to keep as well as evidence trails for exception claims. As part of this Comply Direct helped the wider team get to grips with the tax providing a detailed round table discussion and developed their overall knowledge. Finally, offered recommendations for opportunities to defer and mitigate the tax, which would ultimately save costs.

The results

Following the benefits Hexcel Composites gained from the impact assessment, they felt confident ahead of reporting to HMRC in July 2022, with impactful cost saving opportunities and the chance to make positive sustainability changes to their packaging in terms of recycled content. The EHS Manager at Hexcel Composites following the project said: “Having worked with Comply Direct for a number of years, they have always been easy to work with and take the headache out of compliance. Our most recent involvement with the plastic packaging tax enabled us to quickly understand our liabilities and ensure we met the requirements from HMRC. The team are professional and great to work with." If you would like to support regarding the Plastic Packaging Tax, get in touch with us on sales@complydirect.com