Hi-Tec Europe Ltd


Hi-Tec have been a member of Comply Direct’s packaging compliance scheme since 2019 & we are delighted to have subsequently helped them work towards their sustainability goals by facilitating a carbon footprint project

Here is how we helped long-established producer and distributor of outdoor apparel Hi-Tec Europe Ltd establish their carbon footprint and work towards their ‘Project Zero’ goals.

The challenge

Hi-Tec are aiming to be carbon neutral/net zero by 2025 for their UK operations – ‘project zero’. As an outdoor clothing and footwear brand, they are keen to take their environmental impacts into consideration and recognise lots of other companies in their field are taking action They have already taken a number of energy efficiency steps and have some procedures in place, but wanted help highlighting where the areas of focus should be and identifying options to improve.

The solution

We calculated Hi-Tec’s carbon footprint including scope 1 (gas, company cars), scope 2 (electricity), and some scope 3 emissions (mileage claims, waste). We conducted a carbon footprint audit onsite which involved: - A discussion of the company’s aims and targets - An overview of business activities - Scoping of the carbon footprint - Energy management matrix exercise - Energy related legislation discussion - Site tour – we looked at heating controls, insulation, lighting controls, waste processes - A discussion of paths to net zero/carbon neutrality We produced a comprehensive carbon footprint report including analysis of their energy and carbon footprint data over the course of the year, and a list of detailed recommendations broken down by type and cost.

The results

Hi-Tec had a follow-up board meeting with their sister company where they discussed the results and intended to use the report as a guide. Hi-Tec expressed their desire to continue this process annually to track their progress and are subsequently interested in our help with setting science-based targets in order to reach their Net Zero goal by 2025.

Hi-Tec's thoughts

“Comply Direct gave us real insight and understanding to move forward as a business and achieve our Project Zero goals. We were very happy with their service, the attention to detail and the final report. The report delivered was helpful in the respect of helping to determine how we make progress and what improvements we can make. We will no doubt be in touch again soon.”