Uni-Com (Global) Ltd

WEEE Compliance, Packaging Compliance, Batteries Compliance

Uni-Com have been a member with Comply Direct for packaging, WEEE & batteries since 2018

"When Comply Direct say they will call or email you back, they do."

We joined Comply Direct at the end of 2017 and we can’t believe the difference between Comply Direct and our old compliance provider. Comply Direct are so much more approachable and if they can’t give you the answer straight away, which is very unusual, when they say they will call or email you back, they do. The staff are well trained and very professional all the time and it is very rare for our Account Manager not to know the answer to questions we throw at them. The ongoing webinar training for all sorts of topics is great, we utilise them when they are relevant to our business and we would recommend other companies do as well. Comply Direct provide excellent customer service and we would recommend them to anyone.