Emily Baker

Marketing Coordinator, Sales and Marketing

About Emily:  
I joined Comply Direct in December 2020 as Administration Assistant for the Sales and Marketing team and wider business, this required me to support the full team with various duties.

In October 2021, I progressed to Marketing Coordinator, requiring me to fully support the day to day marketing function at Comply Direct.  Some of these responsibilities include managing our social media platform, managing service campaigns, coordinating and recruiting for prospects and members webinars, and being first point of call for editing and creating our wide range of marketing resource.

In November 2021, I also completed my Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

Specific interest within position: 
Being able support and coordinate the marketing activity at Comply Direct, contributing to overall objective and business success, whilst supporting and encouraging positive environmental change through the services we sell. 

Random Fact:

The worlds oldest trees are more than 4,600 years old.

Top tip: 
Everyone starts at the beginning, so don’t give up!